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With over twelve years of experience as a freelance artist, taking commissions remains one of my favorite jobs. It is no secret to anyone that I enjoy painting portraits and, although among the hundreds of commissions I have done throughout my career, personalized portraits stand out, I have also done more commercial work.

From working with independent musicians for their album and single covers, to writers for their book covers, I have also had the opportunity to work with international companies for exclusive brand designs.


The value varies depending on the type of work, but my base price starts at 150USD for a watercolor portrait of a single person. For an accurate quote, contact me to find out what type of work you are interested in.


  • All my prices are in US dollars.

  • If the agreed commission has a value less than or equal to 1000USD I only accept 100% of the total payment before starting the painting.

  • If the agreed commission exceeds 1000USD I can accept a 50% payment before starting the painting, and a payment of the remaining 50% after completing the painting, but before delivering it in full resolution.

  • My accepted payment methods are PayPal, Zelle, Payoneer and bank transfers.


  • My work is completely traditional, meaning I work with watercolors on paper.

  • Before starting to paint I proceed with pencil sketches for the client to evaluate, modifications and corrections are made if necessary, and once the sketch is approved we proceed to the painting process.

  • All paintings are scanned in high resolution and delivered in JPG format.

  • The scanned version is delivered intact with another version with the colors adjusted by me.

  • If modifications are necessary when delivering the final work, I can make them free of charge (depending on the difficulty), further modifications have an extra charge and I can reserve the right not to make any more modifications if they go far beyond what was previously agreed.


If you're interested in having the painting in person, you should consult with me first so I can give you a quote for the shipping, since the prices of my personalized commissions do not include shipping costs.


Interested in working together? Contact me for more information!

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