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Female feminista latina artist

About Roselin

Roselin Estephanía (March, 1994), born in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. With more than a decade of experience, she is a Venezuelan artist focused on watercolor. Her style tends to blend surrealism with realism in a mix of pure fantasy. Her collectors are attracted to her unique aesthetic in her original paintings: "her watercolor paintings seem to have a level of uncertainty in the work that makes for an intriguing viewer experience". For Roselin, her art is her most faithful way of transmitting both the beautiful and the saddest parts of life.


She attended the University of Zulia to study Plastic Arts, she finished her specialty mention in drawing. In the beginning it was difficult for her to sell her original paintings, as she felt very attached to them, feeling them very personal, but the fact that there are collectors all over the world buying them makes her feel that her message is understood, and that what she is trying to communicate is appreciated. ​


2012 - 2017

Plastic Arts

La Universidad del Zulia

Roselin studied during five years in the Facultad Experimental de Artes at La Universidad del Zulia. She dropped out after finishing her mention in drawing to pursue art full time.


2016 Santa Frida, Maracaibo

2022 Imaginators-A-Go-Go, London

2023 Ethereal Orchard, London

2023 Renewal, London

2023 Buried Connections, London

2023 House of Many Tales, London

2023 MicroVisions 6, London

2023 Memory Hive, London

2023 Monochromagic 6, London

2023 The Eclectic Majestic, London

2023 WOW² (Volume VII), London

2023 Otherworldly and Wild, London

2023 Higher Frequencies, London

2023 Intertwined, London


Roselin works with professional lightfast watercolors of the best quality. Among her favorite brands are the premium watercolors by Schmincke Horadam, Sennelier and QoR. Her paintings are made on acid free 100% cotton watercolor paper by the brand Arches, with different textures depeding on the paper being cold press or hot press, both of the highest quality. At the end, Roselin sprays her paintings with a layer of Krylon UV resistant coating for the optimal preservation of her original works.

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