About me...

1994. My name is Roselin Estephanía, I'm a venezuelan artist focused mostly on watercolor portraits. I often mix surrealism and a fantasy type of realism in my paintings (as one of my collectors likes to call it), most of the time inspired by music and politics. I use art to cope with both the beautiful and the saddest parts of life. I'm an optimist at heart but I live in a country with a murderous dictatorship going on.

I went to university to study fine arts, I finished my mention in drawing, although I did not graduate (both due to the hard situation in my country and the fact that I was already doing fine selling my work). In the beginning it was hard for me to sell my original paintings because I'm attached to them so much at first, feeling them raw and personal, but the fact that there are collectors all over the world buying them makes me feel like I get my message across, and that what I'm trying to communicate is appreciated.


Thank you so much for supporting my art.